Three Simple Steps to Living in a Beautiful State--No Matter What is Happening Around You

Three Simple Steps to Living in a Beautiful State--No Matter What is Happening Around You

When I first heard the term “beautiful state” and that it was possible to stay in one no matter how challenging life could be, I found it unbelievable or at the very least, a fantasy. How could anyone walk around in a beautiful state? Had they seen the world and what’s going on in it lately?

The idea of living with constant inner peace, feeling connected with people and situations and being creative, happy and loving, seemed like a lovely, but impossible state of being to maintain. Then the way to do it was revealed, and it works. 100% of the time.

Enlightened sages Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji, co-founders of Ekam Academy in India, have a mission to end human suffering and what they teach, when practiced, changes one’s life from stress and suffering to tranquility, abundance and joy.

Think of your life as a series of above-the-line feelings and below-the-line feelings. Contentment, calm, clarity, abundance, connection and love are a few feelings that are above the line and set the conditions for a beautiful state of being. Frustration, fear, confusion, lack, separation and hatred are below the line and guarantee times of stress and suffering.

There are only two states one can be in, in any given moment--a state of stress or a state of non-stress. There is no third state.

Choosing from which state to live requires only one thing: awareness, the conscious awareness, of what is being felt in the moment--knowing there is no right or wrong feeling. The feeling is what it is. The awareness of the feeling is what helps it to dissolve so that a fresh moment, in the calm present, emerges. 

Here’s how it works:

1.     When experiencing a below-the-line feeling, stop, close your eyes, breathe deeply and name your feeling specifically. Let’s say, for this example, it’s fear. Ask “Am I fearful about something I did in the past? Something that might happen in the future?” Be honest with yourself, without judgment.

2.     Now see a tiny flame at your third eye, between your eyebrows, and see the flame move slowly into the center of your brain.

3.     Take a conscious breath and open your eyes. 

This Serene Mind practice helps in every aspect of life. When creating New World Women, an international women’s self-empowerment and economic sufficiency organization, my business partners and I practiced being in the beautiful state as much as possible--and have agreed to operate every aspect of our business from the beautiful state. The results are stunning--in our personal lives and our professional lives. 

May you live in a beautiful state more than you live in a state of stress or suffering. The choice is yours and the results are beyond belief. Give it a try and you will see how living in a beautiful state creates the life you desire.