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A friend of mine, a feng shui practitioner, was very frustrated one day during our visit. She had recently completed a feng shui appointment and within days, things became worse for her client. The client reported having bad dreams, waking up tired and experiencing a complete lack of motivation. My friend tried a few additional feng shui adjustments but nothing seemed to work.

I asked my friend if she had rearranged the bedroom for the client. When she responded yes, I asked her to draw a diagram of her client’s bedroom. I ‘tuned into’ the energy of the room and discovered that she had moved her client into a negative field of energy known as a negative vortex.

So instead of things getting better with good feng shui placement, things got worse because of the negative energy of the space. At the end of one of the first dowsing classes I ever taught, one of the attendees, who was also a feng shui practitioner, came up with this analogy: “To feng shui a home without dowsing it, is like ironing a dirty dress.”

As a dowser, I also know the importance of applying feng shui principles to my dowsing consultations. I can clear the negative energy of their home but if their front door is on an empty line or temple line, for example, they won’t get the results they were hoping for.

The results are truly transformational when bringing these two ancient sciences together!

For those not familiar with dowsing, I describe it as a technique that helps us find something that we cannot see with our physical eyes. The tool that we use can be dowsing rods, a pendulum or even branches of a tree. When I talk about the technique of dowsing to people, many have heard of water witching, a process that helps farmers find where to dig their wells.

The same principle applies to the type of dowsing I have done since 2005. In this case, however, I’m looking for sources of negative energy in a space that have a negative impact on the people living there.

The dowsing method I use, Diamond Dowsing, not only finds these negative sources of energy but also cures them, creating a beautiful, uplifting space that enhances everything else they do. I believe dowsing as an energetic springboard that helps people amplify and expand who they are and what they wish to accomplish.

I look forward to meeting you at the FSIM July meeting and to giving you an opportunity to experience the energetic shift in the room as we find and cure negative energy in the space.