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7 Ways to Create a Healthy Home with Building Biology


You know how to keep a clean home – but is it really a healthy home? What if it is possible that there is more to it than simply vacuuming, washing windows or keeping clutter at bay?

The German science of Bau (Building) Biology touches on areas of your home that you may not have thought of before!

Here are 7 essential ways that you can move beyond cleaning your home. You’ll be making a positive impact on your health, as well, in the process.

  1. Pull the plug in your bedroom. There’s an invisible field of energy flowing through the electrical wiring of your electronics. Fewer items plugged in at night = deeper, sounder sleep. Let your pineal gland produce the melatonin that it is made to produce by eliminating excessive electromagnetic radiation while you sleep.
  2. Purify your water. Water filtration is an important component for drinking, cooking and bathing. Mineral rich waters for drinking and cooking will give your body the nutrients that it needs. Filtered bath water will let your body feel hydrated vs dry from chemicals found in most public water supplies.
  3. Let the sun shine in. Natural light shining into your home is healthy for you and your home. Avoid Compact Fluorescent lighting. Consider solar tubes to bring more natural lighting in. Humans thrive in natural, not fluorescent, lighting!
  4. Do not make your bed! Yes! Take a pass on immediately tidying up in the morning and let your bedding breath! Especially if you are not using natural fabric sheets! Which leads to Essential #5…
  5.  If it’s not natural, don’t bring it inside. We were born into a natural, breathing world. Most synthetic fabrics and materials don’t breath. They also may be off gassing nasty byproducts. Think organic. Learn to love cotton, linen, wools, and silks. You’ll be healthier for it.
  6. Stay local. This includes building and design materials, as well as your food. Less global warming + less transportation impacts = a positive impact on your own as well as Mother Earth’s health.
  7. Connect with nature. Develop your green thumb, indoors and/or outdoors. Plants can help create better indoor air quality. Outdoor plants help you connect with Mother Earth. Feel the connection of the soil and nurture your plants. Create a beautiful vista to look out from your windows – whether it is a vast expanse of nature or a beautiful garden creation of your own making. This will nourish your soul.

Building Biology has 18 more ways to create your own healing environment. I’ll be covering all of these items and more at the FSIM quarterly meeting on April 12th, 2016. You’ll learn how to expand your own Feng Shui practice with these tools!

Carol Cannon, Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant Contact Carol at Carol@CarolCannonGroup.com for more information on how you can incorporate healing into your own environment!