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Intro Article for FSIM 2015 - Stress Kills

Stress kills.  It’s not glamorous; in fact it’s rather ugly….but it’s true.  Stress kills.

Stress comes from our own programs about how we think life and living should be.  Those programs actually come from our parents’ DNA downloads to us, and their lineage downloads from their parents, etc.  Which says, then, that our belief systems—our perceptions—run pretty deep…generations deep!

But the epigenetic (above the genes) research of Bruce Lipton, MD., demonstrated in his book, “The Biology of Belief”, proves that we no longer need to keep those DNA download perceptions, and are able to let them go. Expecting that we may have inherited heart disease, diabetes or obesity from our family no longer needs to be kept as a belief.  What we believe actually happens.

We all have expectations of how life should be, and when things don’t go the way we think they should, it causes us some form of stress.  That stress shuts down our brain and body as we respond in the survival mode of fight, flight or freeze.  This is extremely efficient for survival, but is meant to be very temporary, and often lasts too long in today’s world, rendering us poorly functioning and unhappy.

We are all able to learn how our system shuts down in response to a stressful situation, how to recognize when we are feeling stressed and what to do about it to reduce that stress and open us back up to full functioning.  And it’s rather easy, once you learn how.

When a stressful response happens over and over in our life, it points to us having a downloaded belief that may have worked for us at one time, but is no longer helpful for our survival.  It’s time, then, to release that belief (perception or program) and neutralize it so that, even if the situation occurs, it no longer produces a stressful response.

The beauty is, through the new science of epigenetics, we now have proof that we can release that program that is causing discord in our life.  When the program is neutralized, the stress response doesn’t happen…..now that is glamorous!

Joni Polehna spent 30 years as a Recreation Therapist in mental health, and began studying holistic work to help her dad deal with Alzheimer’s disease.  This led to her mission to assist individuals to release those beliefs that produce stress and keep us unhappy and unhealthy.  Joni has a private practice in Stillwater where she sees individuals, couples and families. She also presents stress relief programs to companies and organizations.  Find more information at www.mindbodyspiritint.com.


Joni Polehna is married and the mother of two grown sons.  She has always had a passion for growth.  As an avid gardener, the garden represents to her our important connection to our earth and universe and, thus, our Creator, God.

She began studying Brain Gym® to help her father deal with Alzheimer's disease and has been so grateful that he led her to this remarkable preventative and personal-growth work.

Her goal is to disseminate this awesome movement-education information to the public so that everyone interested can learn to take charge of his or her own health and well-being.

When we take charge of our own well-being, we give off positive energy.  That positive energy draws positive energy back to us promoting happier, healthier individuals contributing to happier, healthier communities...and world.

You can contact Joni at 651-595-6181 or visit her website at www.mindbodyspiritint.com.