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Color Changes Everything

It wasn’t that long ago that some of us grew up watching black and white TV and our only options were black and white photos and videos. The movie ‘Pleasantville’ is a perfect example of a world changing from black and white to color.

Over just the past 50 years, our world has been transformed by an explosion of color and we now have an array of color choices in our clothing, paint, cars and just about everything we purchase.

In a book by Steven Johnson ‘How We Got to Now’, he talks about something called the Hummingbird Effect. Because the flowers, at some point in their evolutionary cycle, became more colorful and produced nectar, part of the bird population evolved to access more of the sweet nectar the flowers were producing. The hummingbirds we enjoy now are a direct result of color!

My own world was enhanced by color in 2001 when I attended my first Inner Diamond seminar in which I was activated with 24 Quantum Colors. I learned that each color, or light frequency, has a specific quality. I also learned how to integrate these frequencies in my heart and use them to radiate light to others along with using them to transform my own life.

After being introduced to the colors, I had a lot of fun playing with them. For instance, I would integrate a color and then wait to see the results. Each color has a specific quality that becomes enhanced when using it. For instance, the Rose frequency enhances Unconditional Love and Pink enhances Tenderness.

One week when I was working with the Aqua Light for Clarity, I was a little surprised when I went to the grocery store and the color aqua seemed to be everywhere! The color aqua was in the hats, shirts shoes, scarves, or purses of the people in the store along with signs and other items in the store. I tried this a few more times with other colors and was happy to see the same results.

What I came to understand was that the colors were teaching me about the Law of Attraction ... I would attract the color around me that I integrated in my own life through meditation.

So I began a journey of playing with color. What did I want to see more of in myself and the world around me?

More Joy? ... I integrated Peach. More Wisdom? ... I integrated Yellow. More Balance? ... I integrated Ruby.

Another experience deepened my understanding of the power of these colors. Shortly after I started doing the meditations, I heard about a chiropractor who worked with the etheric field and was well known in the community. On my first visit, he asked what kind meditation I was doing. When I told him I was working with Quantum Colors, he told me that it must be working because my aura field was full of color. What I found out on my next visit was that he continued to see the colors in the room for 3 days after I left!

My passion for the colors led me to teach the Inner Diamond meditation to others and I have been honored to witness the transformation of others since 2001.

At the FSIM Annual Meeting in January, I will be sharing more about the 24 Quantum Colors ... where they come from and how to use them to enhance your life, your environment and your feng shui practice. I look forward to helping you make 2015 a Color Filled year!

Bio: Annette Rugolo is an international speaker, teacher and consultant for clients and students in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Annette started teaching transformational seminars in 1999. She began her teaching career with Marie Diamond Global in 2002 and teaches the Inner Diamond Meditation and Diamond Dowsing Methods. She is currently a Master Instructor for Marie Diamond Global and has personally trained students in over 20 countries.

Annette held the position of Vice President of Marie Diamond Global from 2007-2012. Annette’s business relationship with Marie Diamond Global continues as the North American Coordinator for the Diamond Dowsing Teachers and as the exclusive licensed proprietor of Marie Diamond Dowsing and Marie Diamond Essences websites.

Annette’s experience in the business community includes almost 20 years of holding management positions in several industries.

Annette is CEO and President of her own company, Conscious Life Resources, created to help those in search of alternative solutions for well-being, inner peace, improved relationships and living their life purpose.

For more information about Annette Rugolo, visit www.ConsciousLifeResources.com.