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Personal Mandalas: Tools for Connecting with Our Inner Wisdom!

The word mandala comes from Sanskrit . Manda refers to “essence, Spirit, or energy” and adding la to any word indicates “a container of vessel for”. So a mandala is “a container for essence, Spirit, or energy” and as such it becomes a wonderful tool for deep inner exploration and understanding.

Mandalas for Personal Exploration Creating a personal mandala is a relatively simple process, yet one that may elicit profound results. In our individual experiences we have uncovered a variety of insights that informed, even transformed, our personal journeys.

There are many ways to approach mandala work. Our work follows a three step process and includes a focus on increased personal awareness with an attitude of openness and curiosity. We will walk you through this exciting process when we gather together, but briefly, here are the three components.

Step One: Intention,/p> 

Doing mandala work requires directing our attention inward, to connect with Spirit / Soul / Higher Consciousness and setting a clear intention.

  • Create a sacred space for the work
  • Meditation or other form of centering
  • Invite Spiritual allies / Spirit guides / angels to assist
  • Ask a question or simply remain open
  • Notice all thoughts, images, feelings, body sensations which arise

Step Two: Experience Now it is time to fill your circle. Allow yourself to be drawn to the tools that call to you. 

  • With marker / pencil / art-tool-of-choice fill the circle on the paper with whatever impulse arises
  • Don’t think too much, simply remain curious
  • Allow colors, shapes, images, or words to flow uncensored
  • Notice what your are thinking, feeling, and sensing
  • Jot notes in a journal to capture thoughts / insights

Step Three: Integration Using your journal, take time to record your experience.

  • Give your mandala a title if one comes to you
  • Take note of symbols/images/colors that particularly resonate with you
  • Note any insights that are emerging
  • Note any new questions that arise
  • Return to your mandala and journal frequently in the days/weeks ahead

Mandalas and Feng Shui Mandalas hold great potential for bringing insight into our lives, including creative applications in conjunction with feng shui. Consider some possibilities:

  • Ask a client to create a personal mandala as part of a consultation. This may bring about greater awareness of areas of their life that are seeking attention.
  • Create a mandala around a particular issue and place it in the appropriate area to enhance the focus of energy flowing there.
  • Divide the circle according to the bagua and following the Three Step process, allow Spirit / essence to present information about the state of well being in each area.

We hope you’ll join us to experience the beauty and power of creating your own mandala!


Circle of Wellness grew out of a collaborative project of four masters of Arts in Holistic Health Studies students who researched the lived experience of creating mandalas. Alanna and Mary are pleased to carry this research forward and have been offering workshops on mandalas to others as a tool for healing and self-discovery.

To contact Mary and Alana & Circle of Wellness, email: circleofwellnessconsulting@gmail.com