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Essential Oils - A Multi-Dimensional Healing Tool

I love the look on people's faces when that aha moment happens in a class ... when an idea opens in their minds and they now see something they thought they knew, but now - differently.

For me this happens when I introduce the concept that in alternative therapies, that there really is no other tool or substance that works like essential oils do- impacting the physical body, emotions and the energetic bodies, simultaneously!

This key concept is instrumental in really listening to the language that plants can speak to us in. The science of Aromatherapy can look at an oil, and define it by chemical compounds. Each is a unique synergy of bio chemical compounds that help define what the physical therapeutic actions they offer. For instance some oils high in Esters are defined as cooling to inflamed skin or tissue, they ease pain, offer balancing and calming energy, have lovely aromas like lavender, bergamot and geranium.

So let's say you twisted you ankle, and you want to support your healing process with aromatherapy. Let's grab the clueless oil, lavender. It's clueless, because when you don't know what to use - use lavender! A cold compress with lavender added to the water for the pain and swelling applied to your ankle will feel great, and will help you feel more comfortable. But that's not all you are doing!

You are also inhaling aromatic molecules that carry energetic information by physical shape and frequency. These molecules bypass logical thought and go right to emotional center of the brain. They are balancing and calming frequencies - your brain "reads" this information and you notice how you just took a deep breath and relaxed, which is the first step to begin any healing process.

Energetically, Lavender is balancing to the chakras, meridians and acupoints in and around the body. You can see and feel the auric field change when you introduce lavender into your field. Physically - remember it's an anti-inflammatory? Think about that energetically - it will soothe inflamed energies, emotions and tissue! Angry outbursts to clear? Spray Lavender!

When you include essential oils with your Feng Shui corrections, the more aware of the multi-dimensional nature of the oils - the more magical they become to you. The more you can explore them from this perspective the more you can consider the yin or yang nature of the oils and so much more. Next time you pull out the oils - listen to it, it will have much to say. Join us for our talk and we will explore the yin and yang of essential oils, and how to "listen" to your oils!


Jodi Baglien, Clinical Aromatherapist, Shiatsu Therapist, educator and business owner, is considered the Twin Cities "go to" resource in aromatherapy.  For over a decade, Jodi has taught practical, hands-on information and skills for use in health care settings, by holistic practitioners and for personal care and wellness. She offers a wide variety of classes and well being events, performs shiatsu and healing sessions, and sells professional essential oil products at her well being studio in Osseo, MN.

To contact Jodi, go to: http://www.jodibaglien.com or Jodi@baglien.com