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Feng Shui, Shamanism and the Evolution of Consciousness

*How are you connected to ancient and modern shamans?

*What is the relationship between Feng Shui and Shamanism?

*Where are you and your Feng Shui clients in the evolving cosmic consciousness?

January 14, 2014, we’ll take a journey through time & space with Barbara Bobrowitz, touching on 50,000 plus years of Feng Shui’s growth from some of its earliest roots in the East, showing its relationship with other earth-based traditions in the West. Together, we’ll view the evolution of consciousness from a 50,000 foot height to see where we are standing now.

She will guide you through the Andes in Peru and Ecuador, Mayan sites in Guatemala and Mexico, to China, Ireland, Ohio and beyond to witness reflections of Feng Shui in shamanic practices around the world.

During Barbara’s many experiences with indigenous healers, she felt their intimate connection to the vibration of the universe. She saw how each uses culturally specific tools emerging from the land where they live to help people shift their energy; live in harmony with Nature, and walk in beauty on this earth...conscious of every possible moment and movement.

Her conclusion: Feng Shui practitioners and indigenous healers’ techniques and tools are different but the goals and underlying concepts are the same. These concepts exemplify “human development of consciousness in world cultures and societies as replicated in any individual.”

Finally, Barbara will share how awareness of the evolutionary process can impact our work with Feng Shui and move ourselves and our clients into greater consciousness.


Barbara Bobrowitz, B.A., MEd., CFSP, is one of Minnesota’s’ pioneers in Feng Shui and a charter member of the International Feng Shui Guild. She is a life-long seeker. A world traveler with an intense curiosity about world cultures and spirituality, Barbara lived in Guatemala as a Rockefeller Fellow for Foreign Language Teachers and has interpreted for Peruvian, Ecuadoran, and Paraguayan shamans. She is a teacher of Feng Shui, meditation, intuitive development, and Spanish. Her joy comes from empowering clients with multiple pathways for achieving inner and outer transformation.

To contact Barbara, go to: www.EnergeticAlignments.com or EnergeticAlignments@gmail.com