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Harnessing the Power of Your Mind, Heart, and Will to Live the Life You Choose

Ancient Wisdom traditions have described a universal truth about our blessed human existence—that we are “Ever Free, Ever Pure, and Ever Wise.” In other words, we are all born into this life with a Free Will, a Pure Heart, and a Wise Mind with which we can fulfill our purpose and contribute the full measure of our inner gifts and talents into the world.

Unfortunately, we are born utterly helpless to take care of ourselves and at the mercy of those who raise us. As we learn and grow we adopt the beliefs and assumptions we were given by the culture that raised us (family, schools, religions, and society). Obedience and compliance were the major outcomes, and adherence to the social norms seemed essential to our survival. 

Eventually, we all run into the blind spots of our mental model and must confront disorienting dilemmas as we attempt to live authentically with our inner calling. Only when we work to resolve our conflicting thoughts and feelings can our true potential emerge.

Transformation begins when we start to look at the lens we have been looking through. At that point we shift to higher levels of mental complexity, becoming self-authoring and ultimately self-transforming. The butterfly we were always meant to be will emerge from the cocoon of our reflection and inner work. The “Ultimate You” is within you, ready for the highest expression of who you are.

Never in human history has it been more important for us to all show up and play big—living whole-heartedly as our authentic selves. It’s time for us to fulfill our part in the evolutionary impulse that brought us here. The good news is that we’ve come fully loaded with all that we need: Mind, Heart, and Will. 

Live today as the “Ultimate You” and let’s co-create a world that is socially just, environmentally sustainable, economically sustainable, and spiritually fulfilling for all.