From Physician to Healer: Lions and Bears and Black Mambas, Oh My!

Sarah Bamford Seidelmann, M.D.Facebook can be a dangerously time sucking form of kryptonite (I try to limit myself to 5 minute sessions:) but, more often than not, I find inspiration. This time it was,The IRON nun! She demonstrates extraordinary stamina and resilience.  She didn't even start running until she was 48 years old and at 86 is doing Iron Man triathlons.  WHAAAA???

This amazing nun got me to thinking about the resistance I'd been experiencing lately. Have you ever wondered why you go through periods where you felt sort of stuck, flummoxed or in a deep rut you can't seem to break free from?  This is RESISTANCE and it will keep you from love and creating what you want.

A few summers ago, through the magic of spirit, I became conscious of JUST HOW MUCH RESISTANCE** was in me. It wasn't pretty---you could say I spent a few dark, icky hours investigating the unpleasant sewers of my unconscious..the stuck...sludgy..I don't want to get out of bed...why bother....I'm too busy....ughhh...nap please????...... I feel heavy..this is too get the picture.


**Resistance looks different for everyone:  grouchiness, NOT creating/writing, headaches, stomach aches, throwing your back out, rage, jealousy, complaining, self medicating, allergies, gossiping, picking fights, drinking/eating too much/too little, sleeping in when you're not tired, and/or  hiding under the covers!

This RESISTANT part of me wasn't exactly RULING my world--(I was still heating the spaghettios up on the stove for the kids and all), but some things were really hard... like dealing with ALL of the needs of my family, loving my man fully and figuring out what I was supposed to be doing creatively. It was putting a kink in my FEEL GOOD.

So that semi-awful ceremony was a blessing-  why? First, it made me suddenly aware of my RESISTANCE (I sort of knew it was there but suddenly it was very, very clear). Second, it made me realize-- I had a choice. I could continue to resist  (and be schlumped in a very ughhh place). OR,  I could sit up, breathe, pay attention and treat my life like a precious ceremony---with all the sacredness I could muster.

All of this got me to thinking about what it would look like if I wasn't RESISTING my life ( format inspired by the wonderful poem- she let go.)  Here's what bubbled up.

{She dropped all resistance.}
It was all quiet in the house when she decided.
She dropped all resistance, and began to FEAST on her life.
She did it with everything she had.
She rose early so she could watch the sun rise.
She began saying "yes" more often ... trusting she'd be given the how to's.
She started running again at after years of believing she couldn't.
She joined the club (her Mother had been asking her for years) and recognized it was a sacred sisterhood.
She turned a blind eye to the dog hair and called her sister instead.
She dropped all resistance.
She bought the tickets to Peru and put a dream into motion, not knowing if she'd ever reach the summit.
She noticed how beautiful the sun was when it lit the trees from behind.
She baked bread from an old recipe and served it with raspberry jam she made from bushes in the yard.
She learned a few songs by heart that made her feel like she was home and sang them to friends.
She dropped all resistance.
She read books slowly over lunch...tasting every word.
She listened carefully to the flowers, birds, animals, mushrooms and bees.
She looked into her children's eyes and could see that they were really ok.
She cried at the drop of a hat for joy and for deep sadness and sometimes because she remembered something very sweet.
She traded her 1.3 carat diamond for a simple gold band and a BIG adventure.
She dropped all her resistance.
She swapped wine for a fully alive Kombucha sweetened by bees.
She offered tobacco each time she harvested something from the earth.
She cut out big fat sections of her treasured manuscript making it leaner and richer.
She stopped reacting to the mercurial moods of others and honored them with peace.
She emptied the dishwasher with quiet purposefulness and joy.
She dropped all resistance.
She felt a strong kinship with trees and took time, especially with the oldest ones to converse and learn a bit each day.
She whispered THANK YOU each time she drew water from the tap.
She envisioned feathered comfort surrounding all those who were suffering.
She dropped all resistance.
She caught her own eyes in the mirror and saw the light in them and smiled.
She blocked off time to write.
She noticed her palms stopped sweating.
She fell into a luxurious cadence with the earth.

All because she simply dropped all resistance.

I don't even pretend to imagine that I can be HER each and every second of the day but just to have this vision gives me such inspiration. What would it look like in YOUR LIFE if you dropped all resistance?


With love and the courage of 16 honey badgers, Sarah