Learning to Live: Five Awakening Lessons



Learning to Live: Five Awakening Lessons

By Rev. Catherine Duncan, MA, BCC



The ultimate continuing education is learning to open and become fully alive.

Some life changes come rushing out of the blue, others sit quietly on the porch, and yet others we can see waiting for us from a mile away. LEARNING TO LIVE is a talk that explores three life-changing events and the five life lessons learned. Life is the ultimate continuing educator. Realizing and living one’s true life is a sacred gift we all deserve. But, how do you get there? How do we genuinely open our hearts to ourselves and to others? Our destinations are varied and vague, but we do control each footstep we take and the mark we leave behind.

When we open space to listen we live from the inside out. We live our life instead of our life living us. Slowing down our mind and untangling our essence from the constant chatter of our mind allows us to be here, in the present moment, fully. Being in the present allows us to touch into the deep peace and joy that is here for all of us.

We shape our brain and create neural pathways throughout each day. We can step back and witness our mind and choose what we think and feel in each 2 moment. By listening deeply, we open and become more conscious and our relationship with others changes to hold ease and space.

Life is not lived in the past or future or in the what ifs or worries. Life is in the present moment. Living one day at a time is a lifelong practice.


Join Integrative Spiritual Consultant, Rev. Catherine Duncan, to explore what it means to live deeply from your heart, listen inwardly, and deepen your understanding of self-compassion.

We will explore what gives your life meaning, experience a breathing exercise, a guided heart meditation, mindful body movements, and a selfsoothing daily practice.

You choose how you learn to be, experience each day and live your life. Travel wisely, mindfully and purposefully. 


Let your mind unburden and your soul unfold.