3 Ways - Connecting Feng Shui to Spirituality


Tenzin Geshe & Celeste Rak 




Feng Shui is the balance of our mundane living space. It is energy flowing in a positive direction. We make our living space more comfortable, however arrangements in the home, work out, one way or another as we are balancing our belongings through energy, to be comfortable and to feel right. We are balancing our space. When we apply a bagua to a floor plan, even more comes to mind to achieve the right balance and flow of energy.

Cleansing and blessing in our space is equally important. We want to make sure that our flow of energy is clean and pure. Sometimes it takes continuous action of cleansing to have the correct and satisfying feeling. It is cleaning the house. Some housekeepers do a sloppy job at cleaning the space and others can move through the space quickly and easily. The Blessing of the space can put the seal of approval of the changes we make. It provides a stamp of approval of the steps we have taken for a comfortable living or working space. We enhance all our efforts and make wishes for our future through body, speech and mind blessings.

Spirituality is the ultimate answer for balance and happiness. Our home is a perfect way for today. For the spirituality part we need to dig deep. Deep in our prayer, deep in our meditation, deep in our practice. The first layer is our mind, and the training of our mind. The next layer is our heart, experiencing our own truth and the love in our heart. Finally, to go deeper to our center and find our blocks and how to free ourselves from blocking. We can connect to our true power. This connection working together can strengthen every part of our life. Please join us in this lively presentation of your road traveled, where you are, and how to keep forming a road map of happiness.


Looking forward to seeing you JULY 13th, 2021!