Quarterly Meeting - VIA ZOOM – Tapping into the Spirit of the Forest for Your Well-being

Speaker(s) David Motzenbecker



Location: ZOOM CALL

Time of Event:

7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Meeting 

Open to the public: 

Members $0, Non-Members admission $18


~ Tapping into the Spirit of the Forest for Your Wellbeing ~

We need nature!  We need conscious and intentional time – critical to both our practices - to slow down and connect to something outside ourselves. 

As practitioners you are undoubtedly aware of the deep nature connection embedded in Feng Shui; the words for your practice being literally rooted in nature.  Those words – wind and water – convey to me a sense of movement, subtle and powerful, and how that energy affects places and their inhabitants.

You can regain that connection to the energy of nature.  You can access permission to be still, to heal.  Forests are treasure troves of untapped health benefits.  Humanity has only but scratched the surface on what’s out there. 


David M. Motzenbecker, ASLA, PLA, ANFT Principal, Motz Studios LLC Motz Studios is a Minneapolis-based guide practice of therapeutic forest immersion walks based on the Japanese tradition of Shinrin Yoku. The firm is also a design and landscape architecture consultancy with a focus on biophilic and salutogenic design, emphasizing the healing power of nature. David Motzenbecker, Founder and Principal, is an ANFT-Certified Forest Therapy Guide, Forest Therapy Trail Certification Consultant, and award-winning Landscape Architect with nearly 20 years of design experience. Motz Studios draws on David’s international expertise in Japan and the U.K. Fellowships in both cultures deepened his study of design, arts, history, mysticism and spirituality, and their connection to nature. David Motzenbecker brings his design expertise in landscape architecture to his guide practice, demonstrating how nature has been a place of respite throughout history, and how we might use the lessons we glean from the forest in our everyday lives. Motzenbecker is a visionary thinker, inspirational speaker, and expert at public engagement and facilitation. His awards include the H.W.S. Cleveland Award for Leadership Potential, and the Lob Pine Award (the highest award given in the MN Landscape Architecture community) for exemplary leadership and mentorship for the landscape architecture community over an extended period. All these elements have coalesced over the course of David's practice shaping him as a designer, and now influencing the ethos of Motz Studios.


David also has a free course to check out entitled 9 Weeks of Nature on his