Summer Solstice Celebration and Bonfire

Speaker(s) TBD

We are reaching Midsummer, when the days are longer than the nights. It is a time of celebrating the fullness of life and of taking the time to raise our energy to regenerate abundance and manifest our dreams. 

How can we do this? Celebrate the outer and inner light with a summer BONFIRE!

Solstice comes from the Latin word sol, meaning Sun and sistere, meaning to come to a stop or stand still. On the day of the June solstice, the Sun reaches its northernmost position, as seen from the Earth. At that moment, its course does not move north or south as during most other days of the year, but it stands still at the Tropic of Cancer. It then reverses its direction and starts moving south again.

Don't forget to bring your red envelopes or letters from your clients for the fire. There will also be an opportunity to write down your intentions and release it in the fire.

There will be drumming, s'mores and more! 
Bring your own chair, beverage and a snack to share with the group. If you have a drum or a rattle - you are welcome to bring it.