FSIM Membership Levels and Benefits

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Membership Overview

Our membership is a mix of certified practitioners from the more contemporary Black Hat (BTB) school and those representing traditional Compass Feng Shui school and other schools of thought, many of whom have studied or are certified in more than one discipline. Our members are also people with a general interest in Feng Shui.

FSIM welcomes you as a practitioner, friend who has a general interest in Feng Shui, or student of the art – from across the spectrum of Feng Shui traditions and schools of thought. We welcome you to join FSIM.

Membership Benefits

Education & Professional Growth:

Visibility & Professional Support:

Community Service

Membership Levels

Practitioner Membership

As a Practitioner member, you will receive a full professional listing in the Practitioner Directory for enhanced visibility and recognition in the Feng Shui community, online and around the world.

See Practitioner Eligibility Requirements.

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Friend Membership

As a Friend of FSIM, you will receive similar benefits as Practitioners. Friends are not required to fulfill CEU requirements and are not listed in the online Practitioner Directory.

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Student Membership

If you are currently enrolled in an approved Feng Shui certification program, you can join FSIM as a Student member, at the reduced Student rate, for a maximum of one year.

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