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May 2021
A Message from
Debbie Miller, FSIM President

Signs of Spring are all around us! No masks for vaccinated people in most establishments! I can’t help but feel excited and optimistic about what lies ahead for us all! After more than a year of Zoom meetings and events, I hope it means that we can finally come together and meet in person for our 2022 FSIM events! Our plan is to continue having Zoom as an option for meetings when we are able to move back to in-person events. Continuing to do so will help to continue to grow our membership beyond the twin cities area. We already have excellent speakers scheduled for all of our 2022 meetings. See our schedule below, and stay tuned for more information!

It’s hard to believe that I’m mid-way through my third year as FSIM president. Could it be that time has passed so quickly because of the pandemic? What I do know is that along the way, this pandemic has shifted my focus from being an event-driven organization to creating a more supportive Feng Shui community for us all.

I originally joined the FSIM Board to make deeper connections with fellow Feng Shui practitioners and like-minded individuals. I was also hoping to learn new skills as the Website Coordinator and apply these skills while developing my own website. Reflecting on my years on the Board, it is hard to summarize what a life changing experience this has been. I have made deep and lasting friendships, new professional connections, and had some amazing new experiences! I feel very grateful for this opportunity!

Currently, we are focusing on filling two critical FSIM Board of Director positions: Website Coordinator and the Communications Coordinator (Newsletter). We are a volunteer organization, and ask that you to consider stepping up as a Board Member so that we can continue to maintain the quality of our organization. We ask that Board Members commit for a minimum of two years, but frequently our Board Members continue in their role for additional years. Some also move to other Board positions!

Looking forward to the next year and a half, we will be preparing for another shift in leadership positions on the FSIM Board of Directors. My term will be ending at the end of 2022. We will be looking for to fill my President role as well as Vice President. An existing Board member typically fills the position of President. If you have any interest in any of these positions, including Website Coordinator and Communications Coordinator, please reach out to Ellen Johnson or me. We are looking for people who are interested in continuing to help grow our organization to its full potential. As an added benefit - Board Members have an option of having at least half (and this year a full) refund of their annual FSIM dues during their Board terms.

I hope to “see” you all at the Summer Solstice event next month!

Deborah Miller
FSIM President
FSIM Summer Solstice Virtual Gathering
with Michele Heisler
"Journaling Through Your Journey"

When: Friday, June 18, 2021
Time: 7:00 - 8:30 pm
Via Zoom
Gather for our C3 (Conscious, Compassionate, Community) event for a presentation from FSIM Practitioner member Michele Heisler. Michele will be sharing about:

Journaling Through Your Journey
The act of writing down your goals or intentions can have a profound effect on your journey. As we write, we become more connected with our thoughts, allowing us to process intimately and gain direction or clarity. Perhaps your journaling assists you in remembering quotes, scripture, or memories. Let’s explore ways you and/or your clients may benefit from spending time with a journal.

Michele will give us discussion topics as we break out into small groups. The break-out groups will allow us to connect and converse with others from our awesome community. Due to COVID, this will be a virtual event.

Michele Heisler

0.5 CEUs
This event is free for all; but you must register to receive the Zoom event information.
FSIM July Quarterly Meeting
with Celeste Rak and Geshe Tenzin Gelek
We are excited to welcome Celeste Rak and Geshe Tenzin Gelek as our speakers for our July quarterly meeting. They will speak about:
"3 Ways - Connecting Feng Shui & Spirituality".

When: Tuesday, July 13, 2021
Time: 7:00 - 8:30 pm
Via Zoom

1.5 CEUs
Fee: $0 for Members; $18 for Guests

Feng Shui is the balance of our mundane living space. It is energy flowing in a positive
We make our living space more comfortable, however arrangements in the home, work out, one way or another as we are balancing our belongings through energy, to be comfortable and to feel right. We are balancing our space. When we apply a bagua to a floor plan, even more comes to mind to achieve the right balance and flow of energy.

Cleansing and blessing in our space is equally important.
We want to make sure that our flow of energy is clean and pure. Sometimes it takes continuous action of cleansing to have the correct and satisfying feeling. It is cleaning the house. Some housekeepers do a sloppy job at cleaning the space and others can move through the space quickly and easily. The Blessing of the space can put the seal of approval of the changes we make. It provides a stamp of approval of the steps we have taken for a comfortable living or working space. We enhance all our efforts and make wishes for our future through body, speech and mind blessings.

Spirituality is the ultimate answer for balance and happiness.
Our home is a perfect way for today. For the spirituality part we need to dig deep. Deep in our
prayer, deep in our meditation, deep in our practice. The first layer is our mind, and the training of our mind. The next layer is our heart, experiencing our own truth and the love in our heart. Finally, to go deeper to our center and find our blocks and how to free ourselves from blocking. We can connect to our true power. This connection working together can strengthen every part of our life.

Please join us in this lively presentation of your road traveled, where you are, and how to keep
forming a road map of happiness.
Biography of the Speakers:
Celeste Rak has studied Feng Shui since the mid 90’s. Her respected teacher was His Holiness Yun Lin. Celeste attended over 45 workshops taught by HH Yun Lin. She also participated in 9 silent retreats given by the Yun Lin Temple. Celeste teaches classes and provides consultations by personal recommendations. She lives in Chicago with her husband Geshe Tenzin Gelek.

Geshe Tenzin Gelek has studied Bon Practice, which is native of Tibet. Geshe la joined Menri Monastery in Dholonji, India at the age of 7 years old and served as a monk till 40 years old.
He earned his Geshe degree, which is equal to a PhD, Doctor of Philosophy. Geshe la taught at Central University of Tibetan Studies, Varanasi, India for 14 years. He continues to teach the Bon Practice to groups & individual practitioners. At the Menri Monastery he was appointed Chant Master by HH 33rd Abbott, for 3 years, and was appointed the Secret Dance Master for 6 years. He taught the young monks the spiritual dance. Today he teaches students the many ways of the Bon, holding both private classes and group classes. Since the Covid outbreak, classes can be found on Zoom. Geshe la also has weekly prayer sessions for anyone to join.
He lives in Chicago with his wife Celeste Rak.
Save the Dates - 2021
2021 FSIM Quarterly Meetings
(Free to members, open to the public).

We may be changing meeting locations depending on circumstances at the time of any meeting.

FSIM will be celebrating the Year of the Metal Ox with the upcoming, exciting programs:

Friday, June 18: Summer Solstice with Michele Heisler - "Journaling Through Your Journey"; via Zoom

Tuesday, July 13: Celeste Rak and Geshe Tenzin Gelek - "3 Ways - Connecting Feng Shui & Spirituality"; via Zoom

Friday, September 24: Fall Equinox - Location TBD

Saturday, October 16: Hindu Temple Tour.

2022 Quarterly Meetings:

Tuesday, January 11: Echo Bodine (topic and location TBD)

Tuesday, April 12: Dawn Morningstar (topic and location TBD)

Tuesday, July 12: Jodi Baglien (topic and location TBD)

Fall Field Trip - TBD

C3 Events:
Friday, March 18: Spring Equinox (topic and location TBD)

Friday, June 24: Summer Solstice (topic and location TBD)

Friday, September 23: Fall Equinox (topic and location TBD)

Member Classes/Workshops/Services
Wind & Water Center News:
  • Set Sail 9-week program begins May 26. Great shorter review program for those interested and qualifies for 5 credits towards CEUs.
  • New re-certified graduate page on our website. We sent an email with access info to all re-certified graduates. If you didn’t receive it and want access, let Lisa know.
  • Have you listened to our weekly Feng Shui and More podcasts? If not, check them out!
  • New class: Feng Shui 101! We’d love your referrals, or it’s a good class to get credits for CEUs if you need them. Check out this and other offerings via our catalog.
  • Also, be sure to follow us on social media - we're on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
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