FSIM Fall Equinox Event 
Recap by Sonia Ellis, FSIM Board Member

After so many months of not being able to get together in person, it was a joy to sit around a blazing firepit with my Feng Shui sisters. The intent of the Fall Equinox in my backyard was to be present, to hold space, to rejoice in sitting in a circle again.

We enjoyed both somber and happy moments. Stories that brought us to tears of sadness remembering family and friends who have passed and laughter at some of our fun experiences with life. We shared about all these months of hardship and sadness but looked ahead optimistically, with the help from reading an astrologer's newsletter about upcoming astrological events. Although the reading cautions us to slowdown as Mercury Retrograde approaches, it gave us clear guidelines of what to expect. Begin or build your meditation practice, walk in nature, stay grounded, release clutter of any kind, be it physical, virtual or of the mind, contemplate and reflect on your inner world, your life, take time to be, just be.

Even though the night was blustery and chilly, the fire was warm and vigorous, as was the chatter. Most of us were able to release, if not only our red envelops, calendars and letters, also our frustration and longing for human interaction which we so deeply missed.  

Since we forgot to take pictures, instead visualize in your mind’s eye, six of your Feng Shui journey travelers wishing our community a safe and healthy transition through this cool metal yang season of fall which brings us closer and back to Mother Earth. Go forth and enjoy, reconnecting with your roots and yourself! We missed you! Be well. Sonia