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November 2022
A Message from FSIM President, Deborah Miller
Greetings FSIM Community,
We were fortunate to have had a gorgeous Minnesota Fall! Mother Nature was showing off with breathtaking colors. As quickly as the leaves turn, they also were gone. Notice how the trees do not cling to their leaves. Mother Nature shows us the power and importance of letting go.
It is important to recognize processes or ideas that are no longer working and release them. In that spirit of release and rebirth, your FSIM Board of Directors has been working hard for the last year to create a “New Vision” for FSIM. Starting in 2023, we are committed to ensuring that our quarterly meetings, special events, and field trips will now be focused on Feng Shui continuing education for FSIM Members and Friends.
We are also changing our quarterly meeting and event formats. All the quarterly meetings will continue to be Zoom meetings. Zoom has become an important added element to our meetings because it has opened participation to speakers, members, and guests from across the country (world). The community-focused in-person events will be the Solstice & Equinox events. Other events may be added as special events throughout the year. We believe this is the best way to keep FSIM sustainable and to continue growing the organization.
Another important element in keeping our organization viable and sustainable is member participation. We currently have roles open on the FSIM Board of Directors and would like your help. We all must do our part to ensure this organization will continue to thrive as a Feng Shui resource and support for our community. We seek individuals to help inspire and grow this organization to its full potential! We need you!
Your Board of Directors is committed to this “New Vision” for the Feng Shui Institute of the Midwest and hopes you will be as excited as we are about the 2023 calendar of meetings and events. You will see these changes on our ongoing event calendars and the website. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or suggestions. We are always grateful for your feedback!

FSIM “New Vision” Statement
In our modern world people have forgotten the importance of living in a balanced, healthy environment.

  • The Feng Shui Institute of the Midwest (FSIM) was established to inspire and support people, using Feng Shui principles, so that they can balance and transform environments to enhance lives.
  • We do this by providing Feng Shui educational opportunities and creating a space for our Feng Shui community to learn and grow together.
  • FSIM is where Feng Shui Practitioners and those interested in Feng Shui, meet to expand their knowledge through in-person and virtual meetings, events, workshops, and community gatherings.

This is our way to help people feel more vibrant in their everyday lives.
Join us for the FSIM 2023 Annual Meeting
Susan Shehata and Carole Hyder
Susan Shehata
"Home: Creating Comfort and Safety in Your Space During Uncertain Times"
Carole Hyder
"The Year of the Water Rabbit"
Date: Tuesday, January 10, 2023
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm (CDT)
Where: Via Zoom

Program starts at 7:00 pm
With Special Guest Speakers:
Susan Shehata: "Home: Creating Comfort and Safety in Your Space During Uncertain Times"
Carole Hyder: "The Year of the Water Rabbit"

Since we are not able to meet in person, we are excited to mail a gift package to each person who registers (available to continental US addresses only). We will start mailing packages in December.

1.5 CEUs
Fee: $0 for FSIM Members; $27 for Guests
This meeting is via Zoom and will be recorded and distributed to all registrants.
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Create a Calm Corner
by Susan Shehata

In this collectively stressful time, it is important to have things that help regulate your brain and body at your fingertips. This is a prime example of creating a space that better supports you.
Regulation refers to the fact that when we are stressed, or triggered into past trauma, our nervous system goes out of balance. This results in restlessness, anxiety, irritability, pain and various other manifestations. Regulation is what we can do to get us back in balance. There is self-regulation, where we provide ourselves with what we need and there is co-regulation, which is when another person helps us come back to balance (such as a parent/child or a partner, friend or professional).
Your Calm Corner can provide tools for regulation for both yourself, and, if relevant, your whole household. This is often something that people think of for children, but adults need this, as well. And, in fact, if you had your own, you might be surprised how much that naturally helps your kiddos, as they are often just processing our stress (more dramatically!).

Why a Corner?

Well, really, most of us have things all around our homes that help us with comfort and emotional regulation. But creating an intentional space, shelf or corner in your home means that you know EXACTLY where to go when you get out of sorts. So, items can live in this area and be easily accessed when needed or provide visual prompts. Or this can be a specific area where you stay to decompress. Or both.

What should I put in my Calm Corner?

This is completely up to you, of course! You likely know best what you or your people need and what works. But here are my suggestions for things that would either go in the area or get stored for easy access:
  • Salt lamp or other low lighting
  • Fountain or fish tank (water sounds)
  • Bean bag
  • Pillows
  • Happy Light
  • A weighted blanket
  • A fuzzy blanket
  • Fuzzy socks
  • Small sensory objects, like fidgets, clay, smooth objects that are nice to hold (think worry stone, stress balls etc.)
  • Noise canceling headphones
  • Sound machine
  • Music
  • Candles
  • Essential oils
  • Massage oils
  • Face roller, dry brush, bath salts (to grab and use elsewhere)
  • Coloring books
  • Puzzles
  • Journal
  • Yoga blocks, foam roller, yoga ball
  • Uplifting books: poetry, humor, spiritual, etc.

You get the idea. Now, go make your own Calm Corner and watch the impact it has on your feelings of comfort and safety.
Susan Shehata
Holistic Wellness Educator + Social Entrepreneur
Unstick the Story that keeps you Stuck
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Save the Dates - 2023
2023 FSIM Quarterly Meetings
(Free to members, open to the public).

FSIM looks forward to celebrating the tail end of the Year of the Water Tiger and the incoming Year of the Water Rabbit with the following exciting upcoming programs:

Tuesday, January 10: Susan Shehata: "Home: Creating Comfort and Safety in Your Space During Uncertain Times"; Carole Hyder: "The Year of the Water Rabbit" (Via Zoom)

Tuesday, April 11: Becky Iott: The I Ching and the Bagua for Feng Shui" (via Zoom)

Tuesday, July 11: Michelle Skally Doilney: Writing With Your Space" (via Zoom)

Saturday, October 7: Fall Field Trip - Caring for Cats Shelter Tour (In-person)

Community Circle Events:
Friday, March 24: Spring Equinox (topic and location TBD)

Friday, June 23: Summer Solstice (topic and location TBD)

Friday, September 22: Fall Equinox (topic and location TBD)

NOTE: Meeting locations and dates are subject to change - check for up-to-date information when you register for an event.
Become an FSIM Member!

If you are not already an FSIM Practitioner or Friend member, go to: fsim.org/Membershipinformation and register as a member today; your membership will allow you to register for the annual meeting at the member rate ($0) and receive the gift package at no additional cost.

Your membership will cover all FSIM events for one year (additional special events could be subject to charge). Even if you aren't a Practitioner, the Friend Membership is a great deal, as the $72 fee covers the annual meeting and each of the quarterly meetings for one year (from the date of your membership); you would otherwise pay $81 to pay separately for each meeting.

Note: The FSIM Friend membership level is open to all; the FSIM Practitioner membership level has eligibility requirements. See the FSIM Membership page for further information on membership levels and fees.
Become an FSIM Member Today!
Member Classes/Workshops/Services
Wind & Water Center News:
  • Feng Shui Reset has been rescheduled for Wed, Dec. 7, 7 p.m. central.
  • Save the Date for the Chinese New Year Retreat, Saturday, Jan. 21, 8:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Details coming (will be different this year due to W&W closing).
  • Check out our catalog for other class offerings for you and your clients (some are free). We'd love your referrals.
Feng Shui Lifestyle with Carole Hyder is in its tenth year as a membership program. It consists of two emails per month with Feng Shui suggestions, historical background and auspicious and challenging dates for the month. A private Facebook group is the perfect forum for asking questions, studying blueprints, and examining the details behind Feng Shui adjustments. A monthly or annual option available. For more details and to sign up, go to https://www.carolehyder.com/feng-shui-lifestyle-with-carole-hyder/


“Conversations with your home” is available here. This revised version of the original touches on issues regarding the pandemic and how it can and will impact your home. All copies are signed----holidays are coming up! Book-signing at Everett & Charlie Gallery (2720 w. 43rd Street, Minneapolis), Sunday, December 4. Time to be determined.


Women’s Sacred Conversations - Free Virtual Event. Join Carole and Dawn Morningstar as they create a conversational experience for all with a meditation, a discussion about the importance of conversations, what a good conversation looks like, and how Feng Shui can support a productive interaction. November 15, Tuesday, 7 – 8 PM. https://www.newworldwomen.com/womens-sacred-conversations
Diana DiCristina: Wind Water Harmony

In 2022, The Year of the Tiger, the pig is the six harmony “secret friend” to the tiger; carry a personal pig gemstone charm during the year of the tiger to help avert misfortune, bring blessings and attract wealth. Personal pig gemstone charms are available again this year from Diana DiCristina, Wind Water Harmony; call or text Diana today at 612-242-2428 to place your order today - click here for more information.
Debbie Miller: Energetic Adjustments

Energetic Adjustments is a great resource to find Feng Shui adjustments for yourself and your clients. Many of the items are handmade and include an organza gift bag. Free shipping on everything! For more information, contact Debbie Miller: DomicleDesign@gmail.com
Are you looking for a Feng Shui Professional?
Check out FSIM's Practitioner Directory to find a practitioner to help you with your Feng Shui needs!
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