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FSIM Summer Quarterly News

June 12, 2012

space Spring! space
  Greetings FSIM Members & Friends,  
  As we prepare to shift into higher gear for the active Fire energy of Summer, it's important to remember how we'll cool ourselves down to avoid burn-out.  
  In January, Cyndi Dale got us off on the right "wing" for the Year of the Dragon, reminding us of the importance of care for the care-giver. Whatever care-giving we're involved in, whether for work or family, we need to consciously take care of ourselves, so our energy stores are not depleted.  

At our next Quarterly Meeting, we will be welcoming Porat Hammarburg. An amazingly gifted intuitive energy worker, she will be speaking to us about how to care for ourselves with "spa treatment for the soul". This is especially good timing, during the busy summer season and the Year of the Dragon.

  We do hope you can take time to join us!  

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  We're glad for the opportunity to be a Feng Shui community resource for you. Please forward this issue to friends or colleagues with whom you'd like to share.  
  Enjoy your summer!  
  P.S. Make sure we have your image for the Practitioner Directory! If you are a Practitioner Member, and have a headshot image you'd like featured with your listing on our Practitioner Directory please email a jpeg or tiff file to Website Coordinator Debbie Miller.  

Next FSIM Meeting: Let's Get Together


July Quarterly Meeting
Date: July 10, 2012
Location: The Marsh, Minnetonka, MN
Time: 6:30 pm - 7:00 pm Networking/Socializing
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Meeting and Program
Speaker: Porat Hammarberg
Topic: The Art of Beyond Skin Care
Open to the Public
Non-Members $27
Members $0

Porat space
  One of our job descriptions on this planet is to grow old and we all want to be able to do so gracefully and beautifully. Through this interactive lively talk you will learn: Read More  

Feature Column by Barbara Everett

  Our Cosmic Cousins and Times of Change  
  We live in a cosmic sea of stars, and planets, within a solar system, a galaxy, and an ever-expanding universe.  
  On a personality level, we may sometimes feel isolated and alone in our individual lives, but in truth we are surrounded by a cosmic family beyond our conception! And we Earthans have cosmic cousins in our very own solar system who come to visit, sometimes daily, sometimes occasionally. One of our closest relatives is the Sun, which likes us so much it comes to visit every day! We call the Sun a planet, but it really is a fiery star that provides the energy for life on Earth, for which we are all grateful!  
  And there is the beautiful Moon, which visits us almost every night, every month – except when it rests at the new moon, the days that were called the dark of the moon. The Moon is Earth's only satellite but a fascinating one, especially when we gaze entranced at a Full Moon, or look for the moon's enticing silver sliver as the new moon reappears faithfully after its short monthly vacation.  
  Other planets are close cousins whose names are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter. We can see them on cloudless nights, and then there are those mysterious outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto who are distant cousins, living so far away we rarely can even see these cousins – they communicate to us through their powerful influences and their predictable desire to bring change, if not chaos, to speed us forward on the cosmic plan of evolution.  
  But at this time, our close cousin, Venus, has been making some news for herself. Venus is often our brilliant evening star, and occasionally our early-rising relative who becomes the morning star. Venus always brings lovely cosmic gifts to her Earthan cousins – the power of love, friendship, beauty, culture, music, the arts, money, the influence of refinement urging us to seek peace, healing, forgiveness and to become our true nature of human and divine.  
  Currently our Venus cousin has been on a cosmic trip, deciding to visit our Sun. This journey, called an eclipse to the Sun, is a rather rare visit which usually has a long range of power and inspiration. In fact, Venus arrived at her visit with the Sun on June 5, transiting across the face of the Sun. Her last solar visit was eight years ago, and now this visit in historic 2012. Venus is having such an impact that she will not visit the Sun in this style until 2114. There probably have been important conferences with the mighty Sun as Venus has much to say about Earth's warring civilizations, and the need to learn new ways of cooperation, co-working, and co-existence. The generosity of Venus to her cousins on Earth is profound. She looks especially to women to carry forward her gifts and to bring permanent change at this critical time.  
  We are in a cosmic dance, with the love and peace that Venus extends, confronting the continuing aggression of Mars, the planet of war and desire for materialism. Personally, I believe, and intuitively know, that Venus and her gifts will triumph, in time. Any planet who willingly visits our fire-ball Sun, as she has done, is a planet of strength and courage, determined to overcome all obstacles to refine Earthans and assure our cosmic family that we can find lasting harmony.  
  Barbara EverettAbout Barbara
Barbara is a spiritual teacher, intuitive counselor, astrologer-numerologer, and an independent minister. She founded the Aquarian Light, a very successful spiritual center in Minneapolis, MN and now offers seasonal events, weddings, ceremonies and personal appointments for Wisdom Readings. Co-founder of LightHouse Events.

For more information, Email Barbara or call 952-378-1701


Member News & Announcements


Barbara EverettAfter 13 1/2 years, FSIM Member Cheryl Larson's sweet beloved Golden Retriever named "Einstein" was put to rest. Their hearts and home are feeling the emptiness in the absence of his unconditional love. Einstein's kind, gentle spirit is deeply missed. Let's hope there are swimming ponds and tennis balls in doggy heaven.

  FSIM Secretary Kathleen Connors' son Patrick Hannon will be getting married to Meghan Hanes in July 2012 at the Mystical Rose Gardens in Baldwin WI.  
  FSIM Membership Coordinator Cathy Galvin is proud to announce that her daughter Jennifer and husband Nate are expecting their first baby in December. They live in Shakopee.  
  FSIM Vice President Elaine Anderson's son Colin recently graduated from the U of M Medical School, and has moved to Denver, CO to be an Orthopedic Resident at the University of Colorado.  
  Barbara EverettFSIM President Hinda Abrahamson with Gloria Steinem, representing FSIM – a promotional sponsor for Beth El Synagogue's Inspiring Mind Speaker series in April: "An Evening with Gloria Steinem".  

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