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March 2023
Join us for our next 
Quarterly Meeting featuring
Viviana Estrada!
Viviana Estrada"The Classical Feng Shui BaGua and its Applications”
When: Tuesday, April 11, 2023
Time: 7:00 - 8:30 pm CDT
Where: via Zoom

1.5 CEUs
Fee: Free for FSIM Members; $18 for Guests
This meeting is via Zoom; recording will be distributed to registrants.

(NOTE: our previously scheduled speaker is no longer able to present for us due to a family illness).
Strengthening Women’s Power Through Feng Shui
by Viviana Estrada

Despite the multiple number of women in power nowadays, there are still several facts that demonstrate gender inequity and women oppression around the world, in business and at home. However, debates about the role of women in society have increased in popularity and people seem to be listening more. Believe it or not there is a feng shui reason for this, which relies on the BaGua.

The BaGua are the eight (Ba) trigrams (Gua) that result from the interaction between Yin and Yang, the two opposite energy forces in the universe that give birth to everything that exist. Within the BaGua there are four male guas and four female guas. Each gua represents an element, a number, a family member, a color and much more. The guas are also linked to time and each gua covers a period of 20 years.

We are currently on period 8 almost getting to period 9. Gua 8 is a male gua but gua 9 is a female gua so as we get closer to period 9, women will definitively increase their power, and debates about women will be even more. Just in case you are wondering what happens after period 9, in Chinese metaphysics (the mother of feng shui) time is cyclical so period 1 comes back (there are nine periods and eight guas, 5 is not a gua but it identifies a period).

Going back to the topic of power, if you women don’t want to wait for period 9 to come in and you want to be now the ones in charge, at work or at home, follow any or all recommendations listed below:

1. Yin is female and yang is male. Yin is right and yang is left. Increase the power of yin locating yourself in a property (home and/or office, where ever you want to be in power) that has a wider, larger, and/or brighter right-hand side outer space (compared to the left-hand side outer space) from the main door of the property looking out.
2. Gua 2 is the ultimate female gua and it corresponds to the southwest. Locate your self in a property that has a protrusion on the southwest, in other words, a property that is not shaped as a perfect rectangle or square, where the southwest corner is larger than the rest.
3. Gua 6 is the ultimate male gua and it corresponds to the northwest. Locate your self in a property that has a weak northwest, in other words, a property that is not shaped as a perfect rectangle or square, where the northwest corner is smaller than the rest.
4. Gua 9 is a female gua that corresponds to the south and represents fire. Fire supports the intrinsic earth energy of the southwest and weakens the intrinsic metal energy of the northwest so you could also empower yourself in a property where the south corner is larger than the rest.
5. Enhance the southwest corner of your home or office with earth objects like crystals.
6. House or office numbers with 9, 7, 4 and 2 in any combination could favor female control so look for them.
7. Allow yourself to be powerful, if you don’t feel you deserve it, it is very hard to make it happen.
8. Remember that in feng shui and generally in life there is always a tradeoff: increased power and wealth could bring reduced love and health.
Contact me if you have any questions and/or if you want a personalized feng shui consultation.
Spring Equinox Gathering
recap by Ellen Johnson

We had a wonderful time gathering at Ellen's home for the FSIM Spring Equinox meeting. Ellen presented an Introduction to Nine Star Ki. This was truly just an introduction, as there is so much information that we barely scratched the surface. This is the oldest form of personality typing and is based on ancient principles of Chinese medicine.

Each person's Nine Star Ki is made up of three numbers, based on your date of birth. We only had time to go over some of the characteristics of the first of the three number. This first number is about your overall personality; how you tend to do life. We went into more detail during the meeting, but here are a couple descriptions of each of the first numbers:

One (Water) The Innovator:
  • Ones have a very innovative approach to life; they are creative thinkers, and have excellent imaginations.
  • Freedom is very important to Ones; they may like to work in unusual ways or at unusual hours - it's just how they're wired.
Two (Yin Earth) The Nurturer:
  • This is the mother archetype – incredibly nurturing, kind, thoughtful about other people’s needs; associated with Kwan Yin, the goddess of compassion.
  • For Twos, life revolves around the people they care about. – It’s about everyone else (not them).
Three (Yang Wood) The Warrior:
  • Threes are very goal-oriented with a lot of drive; they are the doers. They like to accomplish things - they want to make the world a better place.
  • Threes always want to grow and improve themselves. They are lifelong students. Ready for a challenge. Always pushing forward.
Four (Yin Wood) The Guide/Influencer:
  • This is bamboo energy - Fours are very flexible, very adaptable. Often are very easygoing. They go with the flow - one of their strengths.
  • They're good at helping other people move forward in life, but not in a pushy way.
Five (Earth) The Labyrinth:
  • This is another Earth - mother archetype; Five is the strongest of all the mother archetypes.
  • This is the strong mother who can take care of multiple children, cook dinner, reshingle the roof, and about 68 other things, juggling them all at once. They’re the one that everyone comes to for help, advice, support.
Six (Yang Metal) The Father:
  • Sixes naturally hold power and authority - this is the Father - traditionally head of the household. They give orders and you’re just supposed to do what they say.
  • Sixes have the ability to see the big picture, the high level view. That means that sixes have the ability to see the big picture and the fine details at the same time. High level awareness.
Seven (Yin Metal) The Artist/The Princess:
  • Sevens are people who pay attention to subtleties, nuances, and little details. Their goal is to create beauty wherever they go. They’re very aware of beauty, and also when things are off. They do everything they can to try to make them more beautiful.
  • Princess energy – they are very gracious with other people, very courteous, excellent manners, very concerned with everyone having a lovely experience. It’s about creating beauty and beautiful experiences for other people. 
Eight (Yang Earth) The Mountain:
  • Eights are pillars of strength; they are strong, hardworking, reliable, resilient people. They will show up for you and stay until everything is done.
  • An aspect to the mountain energy is that in the mountain there is a cave; Eights need regular time to be alone and be with their thoughts and think deeply and not have anyone bother them. Especially if they're stressed, they need their cave to retreat into.
Nine (Fire): The Heart:
  • Nines are often very positive, very cheerful, very exuberant, full of life. They have a very strong spirit.
  • Fun, excitement and stimulation is very necessary for Nines. They love change, variety, and new things.

The Second number in your set of three numbers represents what your experience of life was like when you were a child. It is also considered to represent your emotional self.
This second number is about who we become under stress. It's how we tend to think and feel and behave when we're stressed that may not be like our normal selves. 
The Third number is important to pay attention to, because no matter what the other two numbers are, it is often that the thing that they are struggling with, that’s such a terrible problem, is buried in the third number. One of the things that the third number shows us about someone is what the first impression of them will be - when someone meets them for the first time, which is often very different from who they really are. Another thing that your third number says about you is how you do your work in the world, your approach to things, how you tend to do anything. It’s also about your personal evolutionary path in life/your true calling.

This was just a drop in the bucket of this archetyping system; Nine Star Ki is all this, and so much more! 
FSIM Book Club
Conversations with your home by Carole Hyder

Watch for more information coming soon to join our book club to read and discuss Carole's book Conversations with your home. We look forward to having you join us!
Save the Dates - 2023
2023 FSIM Quarterly Meetings
(Free to members, open to the public).

FSIM looks forward to celebrating Year of the Water Rabbit with the following exciting upcoming programs (please note updates):

Tuesday, April 11: Viviana Estrada: "The Classical Feng Shui BaGua and its Applications” (via Zoom)

Tuesday, July 11: Michelle Skally Doilney: "Writing With Your Space" (via Zoom)

Saturday, October 7: Fall Field Trip - Caring for Cats Shelter Tour (In-person)

Special Opportunity:
May/June: Book Club to read and discuss Conversations with your home by Carole Hyder. Watch for more information, coming soon!

Community Circle Events:
Thursday, June 22: Summer Solstice: Carole Hyder: Carole will discuss her personal experience in moving house using principles from her book Conversations with your home. (in-person and via Zoom)

Friday, September 22: Fall Equinox (topic and location TBD)

NOTE: Meeting locations and dates are subject to change - check for up-to-date information when you register for an event.
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Feng Shui Lifestyle with Carole Hyder is in its tenth year as a membership program. It consists of two emails per month with Feng Shui suggestions, historical background and auspicious and challenging dates for the month. A private Facebook group is the perfect forum for asking questions, studying blueprints, and examining the details behind Feng Shui adjustments. A monthly or annual option available. For more details and to sign up, go to https://www.carolehyder.com/feng-shui-lifestyle-with-carole-hyder/
Diana DiCristina: Wind Water Harmony

In 2023, The Year of the Rabbit, the dog is the six harmony “secret friend” to the rabbit; carry a personal dog gemstone charm during the year of the rabbit to help avert misfortune, bring blessings and attract wealth. Personal dog gemstone charms are available again this year from Diana DiCristina, Wind Water Harmony; call or text Diana today at 612-242-2428 to place your order today  click here for more information.
Debbie Miller: 
It is an honor and privilege to announce my new collaborative book with Feng Shui Master and Law of Attraction Teacher Dame Marie Diamond and 48 globally conscious entrepreneurs from around the world who are making a big difference to communities worldwide. My contribution to this book is the true story of my journey into energy work, Feng Shui, and Dowsing and how it has changed my life as well as the lives of others.

I wrote this chapter from my heart and am excited to share it with you!

Here is a link to purchase the book on Amazon:

It is already a #1 Amazon Best Seller in many countries! 

Energetic Adjustments

Energetic Adjustments is a great resource to find Feng Shui adjustments for yourself and your clients. Many of the items are handmade and include an organza gift bag. Free shipping on everything! For more information, contact Debbie Miller: DomicleDesign@gmail.com
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