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FSIM Fall Quarterly News

September 7, 2013

  Fall leaves

Greetings FSIM Members & Friends,

As we move into the Metal energy of fall, the fiery productive energy of summer eases. Energy turns inward, and the Earth cleans house. Leaves turn to warm yellows and reds before dropping; the vibrant green of summer becomes muted sage and brown. Our awareness turns inward as well. It is a time to let what is no longer needed drop away. We mirror the season’s course by de-cluttering our outer and our inner life, all in preparation for the meditative Water energy that will follow.

So enjoy! Clean the garage, clear the garden, organize the basement, and take some deep breaths along the way.

We hope that this newsletter and the FSIM fall events help you along this path.


Next FSIM Meeting: Beautiful Fall Field Trip to the Paths of Peace Labyrinths


Fall leavesQuarterly Meeting
Presenter: Lisa Moriarty

Location: Paths of Peace Labyrinths
Date: Saturday, October 5, 2013


9:30am – 9:45am Sign–in /
Networking / Socializing
10:00am – 11:00am Tour and explanation of Labyrinths
by Lisa Moriarty.
After tour, walk the labyrinths on your own.
12:30pm Plan to stay for lunch in Stillwater, Location TBA

Open to the Public

Members $0

Guests $27

Register for the Field Trip Now!


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FSIM MEMBERS: Join us for a tour of the renovated French Meadow restaurant with Feng Shui practitioner, Andrew Hong


French Meadow Bakery & Cafe – Feng Shui Project.

Join Andrew Hong, FSIM Vice President Emeritus on Saturday, October 26 for a tour of the newly renovated French Meadow Cafe. Andrew will explain his application of Feng Shui principles and Five Element Theory to a business and the challenges that may ensue when working with architects, builders and designers. This is a rare treat for members.

Date: Saturday, October 26, 2013
Location: 2610 Lyndale Ave. South, Minneapolis 55408
Time: 11:30 am to 1:30 pm

Open to the Public
Members $0
Guests $9

Please plan to stay for lunch at French Meadow afterward.
Pre-registration required for event and lunch by Oct 23, 2013!
Register today!

space Labyrinths – An Ancient Spiritual Practice, Combining Peaceful Meandering and Meditative Therapy
By Lisa Moriarty

Paths of Peace  Stillwater, MN One element people sometimes forget to focus on is their own personal chi. Aside from meditation, one of the best ways to connect with self and achieve a sense of calmness is to walk a labyrinth. If you have never done so, a visit to Paths of Peace in Stillwater, MN offers a variety of opportunities to explore.

What is a Labyrinth?
A labyrinth is a single or unicursal path used for personal, psychological and spiritual transformation. These ancient symbols, over 4,000 years old, are becoming increasingly popular as a spiritual and therapeutic tool.

Labyrinths are often circular in form. The circle represents wholeness, unity, completion, and eternity. It both draws energy into the center and radiates the energy back out in all directions. The circle can be a powerful healing force in life that can help you feel more centered and grounded.

When we are centered, we experience clarity about our inner light; we are in alignment with our own divine nature and clear on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. By using a circle in a symbolic way, we can become more centered and grounded in our lives. Today, people walk labyrinths for quiet, calm and centering, to seek knowledge and wisdom or to mark a turning point or transition in life.

Walking a Labyrinth

  • Labyrinths are one continuous path with no tricks or dead ends
  • You enter and follow the path to the center,
  • Pause in the center for reflection, meditation or simple silence,
  • Return by the same path,
  • More than one person can walk at a time, passing or meeting gently, without interrupting another’s journey.

Set outdoors, labyrinthine paths impart movement to landscapes, allowing chi to flow smoothly while guiding your feet and allowing your focus to be fully in the present to experience all the sensations.

Since the 1980’s there has been a considerable revival of interest in labyrinths, for their artistic, historic and spiritual aspects. Labyrinths are being built in a variety of places, employing both traditional and contemporary designs and materials. Many thousands have been constructed worldwide during the last 20 years in schools, hospitals, parks, and gardens, with many reporting that they find labyrinth walking to be a healing experience for both body and soul. These peaceful paths invite us to attend to the needs of our souls, invite us to walk towards a peaceful mind and community.

With their ageless forms and complex, swirling pathways that always lead eventually to the goal, labyrinths invite both playful interaction and soulful contemplation; surely it is this charm that so appeals to modern visitors. The lure of the labyrinth has ensnared humankind for thousands of years, and this fascination shows every sign of continuing well into the future.

To locate labyrinths in Minnesota, and around the world search the Worldwide Labyrinth Locator. To learn more about labyrinths visit the Labyrinth Society and Paths of Peace.


French Meadow Bakery and Cafe – Feng Shui Design Project

Latest FSIM Blog Post


feng shui compas 2 Guest post by FSIM Member Andrew Hong

There are differences in applying Feng Shui principals to commercial and residential properties. A main difference is choosing the type and intensity of the five Elements to be introduced. Because a business attracts all kinds of people from all walks of life, all five Elements need to be present.  Additionally, we still need to work with the owner’s Self-Element as well as the area within the building the Element is located, i.e. South is fire, etc.   For residences, we match totally the Elements of the property with the Elements of the owners. My work on the French Meadow project started with using the birth dates of the property -  which was built in 1955, and now in 2013 - is being remodeled. We used the Lu Pan (South facing) and Pak Qua to determine the good and bad locations. We then applied Elements to counter or complement the energy. Like every Feng Shui consultation not everything we suggest is accepted or implemented. I encountered numerous challenges with architects, builders and designers.

Here are a list of my recommendations and the actions taken:

  • I recommended a much bigger front door designed with the Feng Shui dimensions. It was too expensive to knock down part of the wall, so instead, we introduced cast iron to enhance the presence of the existing door.
  • A large neon sign on top of the building would have attracted traffic driving along Lyndale Avenue, but the City of Minneapolis rejected this proposal.
  • I recommended removing the link fence and installing a wood fence. Construction of the wood fence is in progress.
  • I recommended removing some of the old trees and planting Ginko trees along the parking lot. That change is in progress.
  • All five Elements have been introduced to the interior of the new restaurant: birch trees for wood, blue tiles for water, metallic tiles for metal, lights and crystals for fire, etc.
  • Because it is South facing, I recommended a waterfall wall in front of the entrance. It would have been a stunning to welcome customers.  Unfortunately, this was rejected by the city as well as by the owner as being too costly ($30,000).
  • The Nord meeting room is located between the existing French Meadow building and the bar next door. It resembles the bottom of a rice bowl, surrounded by the two buildings as it is. I introduced gold and water in the bowl, to bring wealth and prosperity. I fought hard to get this Nord meeting room going. It has been an expensive undertaking.
  • I recommended a row of fountains be installed along the line of the outside seating. That installation is in progress.
  • The front of the older part of French Meadow facing Lyndale Avenue will have three Masks to ward off evil spirits.

Feng Shui is an ongoing practice. It changes with time and seasons. It is of utmost importance that we keep monitoring the progress of the business.  Since opening in July 2013, French Meadow’s business has been prospering!

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Member News & Announcements


Paths of Peace  Stillwater, MNOur sympathies are with Virgina Skruppy and her family for the loss of her son Andrew Fox. Andrew leaves two children Grace 11 and Sam 8.


FSIM board is delighted to welcome two new members, Melissa Smith as Communication Coordinator and Sandy Forseth as Membership Coordinator. Melissa is a recently certified practitioner from the James Jay’s School, Feng Shui Designs. She is eager to contribute to the community with her experience in the coordination of blogs and newsletters. Sandy Forseth is certified by Wind & Water School of Feng Shui (Ox class). By day, she is a Certified Child Life Specialist. In her free time, she enjoys her 3 adult daughters, walking the dog, traveling, playing hockey, bicycling, sewing & new adventures.

  What are you up to?

  • Teaching a class?
  • Hosting an event or sale?
  • Have a job change or life event to share?

We'd love to hear from you!

Please contact Laurie Whipple by email with your submission, following the FSIM Online Newsletter Content Guidelines.

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