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November 2020
Are You Ready for the Year of the Metal Ox?
The FSIM Annual Meeting will help you prepare!

Space is Limited -- Register Today!
Please join us for our 2021 FSIM Annual Meeting!
Cyndi Dale
"Emerging: Activating a Hidden Superpower"
Carole Hyder
"The Year of the Metal Ox"
When: Tuesday, January 12, 2021
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Via Zoom

Program starts at 7:00 pm
Enjoy our expert presenters:
Carole Hyder: “The Year of the Metal Ox”
Cyndi Dale: “Emerging: Activating a Hidden Superpower”

Since we are not able to meet in person, we are excited to mail a gift package to each person who registers, including gifts from FSIM and presentation handouts (available to continental US addresses only).

Fee: $0 for Members; $27 for Guests
We are limited to 99 people for our annual meeting. 
"Emerging: Activating a Hidden Superpower"
by Cyndi Dale
Before emerging from the cocoon, a caterpillar’s tissue completely breaks down, save the imaginal cells. From these, a butterfly is constructed and born, ready to fly. 

How are we preparing to leave behind the challenges characterizing 2020? It’s not enough to continue on like before, when we’re facing an incredible opportunity.

Conceivably, a new earth can emerge from the rubble, rules, and renderings of our troubles. Why not free a fresh self, one equipped to create and innovate, for self and the world?

I’m the founder of a 12-chakra system, which includes the standard, seven in-body chakras and five others. These additional chakras are located outside of the body, although each is also anchored in an endocrine gland. Of these, the twelfth chakra is extraordinarily special, as it holds hidden spiritual gifts, unique to each person. 

Which of your distinctive attributes might now be taken out of the linen closet, then transformed into a super-cape? I remember when my sons were young. They truly believed that once I safety-pinned a towel on their shoulders, they could fly. Well, what’s cool about your twelfth chakra abilities, they invite flight for your soul.

The twelfth chakra gifts I’ve seen are totally wild and unusual. One client, a teacher, could bless color crayons. After distributing them among her school kids, no matter what they drew, they became happy. Yet another client could figure out exactly what type of food was healthy for different dogs. She had a lot of tail-wagging doggie friends. Still another developed a specialty in healing diseased livers.

What specific, magical quality is waiting to emerge from your twelfth chakra? How might it remake your own life, and also the world? 

Allow your soul to show you this gift during the next week through whatever signs appear in your life.

To get started, take a few minutes over the next day or two and settle into a reflective state. The twelfth chakra encases your entire energy field, but can be most easily sensed in the center of your heart chakra. Ensconced within, float in the middle of this chakra, filling with the light of love available there. Then request that your own soul, or whatever guidance you believe in, radiate this light around you. Over the next week, this light shall attract signs and omens signifying the gift you must now embrace.

Go about the week with an open mind and heart of light. You might receive a dream, overhear a conversation, spot a billboard, read a passage in a book, hear a song on the radio, or observe a psychic image that will inform you about this ability. Just shine your light and accept what is shown—and get ready to fly!

Cyndi is the President of Life Systems Services Corp. Visit Cyndi's website for more information: www.CyndiDale.com.
Save the Dates - 2021
2021 FSIM Quarterly Meetings
(Free to members, open to the public, even the January annual meeting this year!).

We may be changing meeting locations depending on circumstances at the time of any meeting.

FSIM will be celebrating the Year of the Metal Ox with several exciting programs.

Tuesday, January 12: Cyndi Dale - Zoom Meeting. Topic: "Emerging: Activate a New Superpower". Carole Hyder - "The Year of the Metal Ox".

Tuesday, February 9: Special Event: Susan Shehata - Zoom Meeting. Topic "Transforming Your Life Through Your Space"

Friday, March 19: Spring Equinox - Location TBD

Tuesday, April 13: Catherine Duncan - Location TBD; Topic: "Learning to Live: Five Awakening Lessons".

Friday, June 18: Summer Solstice - Location TBD

Tuesday, July 13: Celeste Rak and Tenzin Geshe - Location & Topic TBD

Friday, September 24: Fall Equinox - Location TBD

Saturday, October 16: Hindu Temple Tour.
Member Classes/Workshops/Services
Wind & Water Center News:
  • We're gearing up to launch something special for re-certified graduates -- stay tuned.
  • It's not too early to think about reviewing the the program if you need a refresh. You'd start in March 2021. Better yet, get a friend who hasn't been certified and encourage them to take it with you. They'll get a great experience, you can review and will get a referral bonus! Let Lisa know if you want more information.
  • We're still going strong with our weekly podcast! You can find it in our catalog or anywhere you get your podcasts! A new one publishes every week.
  • Have you visited our catalog lately? We're continually adding classes and programs (including some that are free). Just launched: Feng Shui for your Office.
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