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Practitioner Eligibility

As a professional association, FSIM supports practitioners who meet specified criteria and educational training qualifications to earn and maintain their membership in the organization.

CEUs can be acquired from many sources, such as:

Looking for Feng Shui-specific CEUs? Suggestions:

CEU Restrictions:

Expired Membership? Missing CEUs?

If your Practitioner membership expires without the completion of the required CEUs, you may renew as a Friend until such time that you are able to complete your CEUs. Although this membership level does not qualify you to be listed in the directory, you, can still participate in the meetings and continue to receive other membership benefits. Once you have acquired your CEUs, you can upgrade to a Practitioner membership.

Note that if you are a recent graduate of an approved certification program, your course work qualifies for your CEUs!

Membership Application

We invite you to become a new or renewing member of the FSIM. Thank you for your interest and participation. Membership in FSIM gives you access to intentionally designed opportunities to expand your Feng Shui community, build connections, and share positive energy.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Membership or CEUs, please contact the FSIM membership coordinator.

Membership options and annual dues are as shown here.

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